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For XP and earlier versions of Windows, use the legacy version of Desktop Calendar.

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Import and Export options have also been vastly improved. They are now all included in a easy step-by-step wizard :

import export wizard

When importing and exporting events you can select the exact date range to include. You can also select which type of events you want to process. For example you could choose just to export all the birthdays in May :

import export range

Importing of CSV files is now a lot more flexable on the formating of the source. You can manually map the headers allowing it to work with a much wider range of files :

import export csv

When exporting to a text file, you can choose between a variety of different layouts :

export to text file options

Lastly a new exciting feature is the ability to export your schedule to a web page. This takes your events and compiles them into HTML file(s) ready to be uploaded to a web site. This is a great way to let friends and family know of your activites and times when you're free. For an example of what an exported HTML file looks like, click here.