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For XP and earlier versions of Windows, use the legacy version of Desktop Calendar.

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Another feature that has been added by popular demand is the ability to have a system tray icon. You can choose between a fixed icon, and one that displays the current day of the month. You can double click on the icon to quickly bring up the Add Event Window, or right click on it to get access to some of the programs other functions :

dynamic system tray
static system tray

There's also a special option that is only accessible through the system tray. When Hide Calendar is selected the calendar will be completely removed from your desktop. You'll still be alerted of events, and you can still add events via the system tray, but the calendar will not be visible. The program will remember this setting when it starts, so if you wish you never have to have the calendar on the desktop taking up precious space.

You can now also print out your events. This was previously only possible by first exporting your events to a text file, opening it up in a third party application and printing it from there. In the upgrade however, print support is integrated directly into the calendar. You have complete control over the date range, and the choice of four layout options :

print dialog