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news iconThursday 26th September, 2002

Version 0.4b of 10. Slide Show released:

Slide Show

  • Improved the shuffle function
  • You can now add a sound track to your shows. mp3, wav and mid supported
  • Added a link to the website on the About screen
  • Added file filter to the load and save dialog boxes, the default extension for a slide show file is now ".sli"
  • The Delay can now be set to 'Forever' this means that it will only go to the next image when the hotkeys are used. This could be useful if your giving a presentation and want to talking between images?
  • I've made the directory tree slightly wider for long folder names
  • Instead of the mouse being hidden all the time during a slide show, now if you move it it will become active again. Then after 2 seconds of inactivity it will hide
  • Now remembers which item of the main menu you used last
  • Any files you save now will be given a .sli extension and when double clicked will start the slide show
  • You can now open a slide show file via the Command Line
  • You now move the next and previous images using the Left and Right Arrow keys
  • Hotkeys now work when Caps Lock is on


  • Included the Maker into the main program.
  • Improved the up and down arrows in loaded images list.
  • You can also hold down and drag the loaded files to change their order.
  • Now asks before removing\clearing files from the loaded images list.
  • Added a 'Preview' function which allows you to test the show before you save it.
  • After saving a file you will now be given the option to run it straight away.
  • Now if you try and load a slide show while there are already loaded images you will be asked if you want to save them first.