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news iconWednesday 11th December, 2002

Added 3D Calendar wallpaper pack, submitted by John Blackmer. You can preview it on the Packs page.

news iconThursday 28th November, 2002

Added a Seasons wallpaper pack, submitted by Web Crazy Web Design. You can preview it on the Packs page.

news iconWednesday 20th November, 2002

Added a Windows XP - 3D wallpaper pack, submitted by MT. You can preview it on the Packs page.

news iconTuesday 5th November, 2002

Desktop Calendar has been rated 5 out of 5 by File Transit.

news iconSunday 29th September, 2002

I'm going away for a few days, I'll be back on the 4th of October if you want to leave a message.

news iconThursday 26th September, 2002

Version 0.4b of 10. Slide Show released:

Slide Show

  • Improved the shuffle function
  • You can now add a sound track to your shows. mp3, wav and mid supported
  • Added a link to the website on the About screen
  • Added file filter to the load and save dialog boxes, the default extension for a slide show file is now ".sli"
  • The Delay can now be set to 'Forever' this means that it will only go to the next image when the hotkeys are used. This could be useful if your giving a presentation and want to talking between images?
  • I've made the directory tree slightly wider for long folder names
  • Instead of the mouse being hidden all the time during a slide show, now if you move it it will become active again. Then after 2 seconds of inactivity it will hide
  • Now remembers which item of the main menu you used last
  • Any files you save now will be given a .sli extension and when double clicked will start the slide show
  • You can now open a slide show file via the Command Line
  • You now move the next and previous images using the Left and Right Arrow keys
  • Hotkeys now work when Caps Lock is on


  • Included the Maker into the main program.
  • Improved the up and down arrows in loaded images list.
  • You can also hold down and drag the loaded files to change their order.
  • Now asks before removing\clearing files from the loaded images list.
  • Added a 'Preview' function which allows you to test the show before you save it.
  • After saving a file you will now be given the option to run it straight away.
  • Now if you try and load a slide show while there are already loaded images you will be asked if you want to save them first.

news iconSunday 15th September, 2002

Added another Wallpaper Pack. This one was kindly submitted by 'Eyes' and is of Central American Landscapes.

news iconMonday 9th September, 2002

Alexander Sarris has kindly sent me a Desktop Calendar Wallpaper Pack based on Star Trek - Ships which is now available on the site. Remember if you've made a Wallpaper Pack and want to share it with other DC users then please let me know.

news iconSunday 25th August, 2002

Ok, I've updated the uninstaller for Desktop Calendar. It should now remove all traces of the program. This means that if you do want to keep your Events or Settings then make sure you back them up first using the Export options! I'm hoping in the future to give the option of what what to remove and what to keep, but at the moment I thought I'd just get it out ASAP.

If you've already got Desktop Calendar with the old uninstaller. Then for directions on removing all traces of the program manually see q. 23 of the FAQ.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. :(

news iconSaturday 24th August, 2002

It appears from a couple of the comments on '' some people are having issues when trying to uninstall Desktop Calendar. I really wished they'd e-mailed me and told me, then I would have been able to fix the problem sooner! Anyway, I've been working on a fix for the last couple of days now and it's pretty much done. I just need to keep running tests to make sure it's working as it should. This should hopefully be on the site either later today or tomorrow.

news iconThursday 8th August, 2002

After having a rather disappointing number of donations (one!) I have been starting to think about charging for later versions of Desktop Calendar. I need someway to cover my costs and the voluntary donation method clearly working. I still believe in the Freeware idea which is why I will continue to keep the current version free as well as all the other programs.

You would only have to pay if you wanted the extras that would come with a new version. Anyway nothing is confirmed yet, I'm still thinking about it. To see what you all think about this I have added a Poll to the download page. It would be really great if you could take the time to vote. Unfortunately it does appear as a popup, sorry, I hate them too. :(

news iconWednesday 7th August, 2002

More Operating Systems have been confirmed to work with Desktop Calendar, Windows NT and Windows XP. I think that's every OS now except for Windows 95. If I remember correctly 95 didn't have the option to 'Stretch' the Wallpaper so that might cause a problem when using the Wallpaper Packs which do.

If someone is successfully using Desktop Calendar (with the wallpaper packs enabled) on Windows 95 it would be great to hear from you. :)

Thanks to all the people who did take the time to do the testing and e-mail me.

news iconMonday 5th August, 2002

Added a new question to the Desktop Calendar FAQ page...

21. I downloaded the new version (I already have installed an older version installed) but when I install it, it encounters a problem and I get an error?

For the answer please visit the FAQ page.

Good news for 20% of my visitors. I've just had confirmation that Desktop Calendar DOES work on Windows ME. If anybody else is using the program on an operating system other then 98, 2000 or ME then please let me know.

news iconFriday 2nd August, 2002

Added two more Desktop Calendar Wallpaper Packs using images from The first is Animals and the second is Porsche Cars.

news iconTuesday 23rd July, 2002

I realised the screenshots of Desktop Calendar where still of the original release. I have now updated the page with pictures from the latest version, 0.3b.

I've also just added a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for Desktop Calendar.

Added another Wallpaper Pack by ><(((> . GameWallpapers - FPS (First Person Shooters). The pictures are from the kind folks over at

news iconSunday 21st July, 2002

Yes, it's FINALLY here, the new version of Desktop Calendar!!! Listed below is what's new in version 0.3b....

  • Day headers are now put in the standard order for your country. For example in England most people regard the week to start on a Monday whereas in America it's a Sunday.
  • Day headers are now written in the standard language of your country. E.g.. In Germany, Tuesday use to be abbreviated to "Tue" however it is now abbreviated to "Di" for "Dienstag". It's hard to test this feature so let me know if it has any problems.
  • Added an 'Auto Compact' option. If the option is selected and the calendar is not used after 1 minute then it automatically switches to Compact Mode. Then when the mouse hovers back over it again it expands again. This option is turned off by default.
  • Preview Pack, cycles through each image in a pack and sets it as the wallpaper. The position and box style are also previewed if they're selected.
  • The Settings window now remembers what the last tab you where looking at and starts on it when opened again.
  • Changed the Default Title Bar colour from Black to Blue.
  • Added Tool-tips. Standard - this means that you can hover your mouse over a day and read the whole contents of the box. The calendar has to be selected for this to work which just means you have to click somewhere on it first. This is style is selected by default. Balloon - if these are selected then when you hold down the left mouse button on a day the full contents of the box pops up in a balloon shaped bubble. These can hold more text then a Standard Tool tip so are better for long events.
  • You can now Import Calendar.dat files, Settings Files and from CSV files.
  • You can now Export Calendar.dat files, Settings Files, to CSV files and to Text files.
  • Included Hotkeys (The program has to be selected for these to work. This just means you have to click somewhere on the calendar first)
    • F1 - Show Today's Events
    • F2 - Previous Month
    • F3 - Current Month
    • F4 - Next Month
    • F5 - Refresh
    • F8 - Settings
    • F9 - Switch Box Style
    • F12 - Compact\Expand
  • BUG FIX: If in 'Compact Mode' when the day rolled over, then everything expanded except for the Day Headers.
  • BUG FIX: If you entered an event for today, then change month\year then the event use to pop up.
  • BUG FIX: If you had the Calendar either using Set Position or Theme Position then it should have updated it's position when the resolution is changed or the Start bar was moved. Instead what was happening was it was reverting to the Manual position for some reason. It didn't always do this, I think it only cropped up in the last release.
  • BUG FIX: Manual position for some reason. It didn't always do this, I think it only cropped up in the last release.
  • BUG FIX: If you included any quotation marks in your events (") then next time the program started the data file would not load properly. There is now a validation check in place to stop this happening.
  • BUG FIX: On the settings window sometimes the set position preview started wrong.
  • BUG FIX: The calendar use to disappear when the link on the About page was clicked!

I've tried to include as many of peoples suggestions as I could. Sorry if yours hasn't been included, but it may very well be in the next version. :)

To go with the new Import\Export functions I've written a couple of pages just explaining some of the options and what they're for etc. This can be accessed from the Desktop Calendar section on the downloads page or here.

I hope you find the additions in this version of some use, as always my e-mail address is open for questions and suggestions. :)

news iconWednesday 17th July, 2002

Added two more Desktop Calendar Wallpaper Packs, Fight Club and Game Wallpapers. The latter uses images from nice people over at

news iconTuesday 16th July, 2002

Desktop Calendar has been added to File Hungry and awarded 5 stars! :)

news iconFriday 12th July, 2002

There are 3 more Desktop Calendar Wallpaper Packs thanks to a very kind DC user...

Cloth Patterns, Floral Patterns and Marble Patterns and they can all be downloaded here.

news iconSaturday 6th July, 2002

I've finally got round to uploading some more Wallpaper Packs for Desktop Calendar.

All the pictures in 'BMW Cars' Pack are from the kind folks over at and then put together by me. You should be seeing more Packs from them in the future.

news iconFriday 5th July, 2002

Today was a very nice day, I received my first donation! It was from a very kind and supportive Desktop Calendar user. Unfortunately not enough to cover my running costs but still very welcome all the same. Keep the donations coming, every dollar\pound is very much appreciated.

Desktop Calendar also got awarded a 4 Star rating by the editors at SofoTex when I submitted it to there database.

news iconThursday 30th May, 2002


Have you downloaded Desktop Calendar v0.21b?????

If so then you need to download a small PATCH as there is a pretty big bug! DIRECTIONS: Make sure Desktop Calendar ISN'T running, then use the Patch. Earlier today it was brought to my attention that the latest release of Desktop Calendar has a flaw. You will probably not even notice it if you live in the UK as it only effects people using a date format other then "dd:mm:yy" (That's DAY then MONTH then YEAR) e.g.. Americans, who default is "mm:dd:yy". It seems that when the program is run on a date format other then "dd:mm:yy" it can cause every months to appear to have 31 days! This in it's self is not a complete disaster, but if you then save a entry on one of these days e.g.. 31st of June (which doesn't exist), when you then try and open Settings it will CRASH!!!! I'm VERY VERY sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and hope this hasn't put you off Desktop Calendar or any other of my programs.

In my defense as I'm in the UK I have been mostly testing the program with the "dd:mm:yy" format, in which the months do have the right number of boxes. When testing the "mm:dd:yy" format it seemed ok because May has 31 days in it!

I can't apologise enough for this silly mistake and I'm sure it will haunt me for sometime to come. :)

Anybody who hasn't yet downloaded Desktop Calendar don't be put off as there is now version 0.22b which doesn't suffer from the same problem.

news iconWednesday 29th May, 2002

Today sees a new release (v0.21b) of Desktop Calendar....

  • Events can now be repeated every year e.g.. Birthdays, Anniversaries.
  • The calendar can now be compacted when not in use by Double Clicking on the title bar.
  • Dates now have suffixes e.g.. "11 Jan" is now "11th Jan"
  • Moved some of the Style & Position options around to try and make it easier to configure.
  • The title bar is now configurable and allows you to display the date and time in different formats.
  • When you drag the calendar now it gives you the option to change into Manual Positioning (if your not already in it) so the position will be used next time the calendar is loaded.
  • If you choose, you can now not allow the calendar to be dragged around when manual positioning is not selected.
  • The themes box style and position for the current month can now be previewed graphically.
  • There are now 2 more places that the calendar can go when setting the position. Center Screen Left and Center Screen Right.
  • To preview the years images in a Wallpaper Pack there is now a slider instead of a drop down box. Also the picture for the current month is now displayed instead of just January's.
  • You can now override the display modes in Themes. This means that if the Theme has all it's images set to stretch you can set it to use Center instead.
  • Now works with date formats other than "dd:mm:yy" e.g.. American "mm:dd:yy"
  • Navigating to future\past dates is now easier with pop-up lists when you right click on either the title bar or left and right arrows.

Any questions or suggestions about this new version then use the Contact button at the top, that's what it's there for. :)

To go with this new release are 2 more Theme Packs, Mission: Impossible and a Space one with planets and stuff.

And if your feeling creative and want to make your own Theme Pack then you may also like to know that there is a new version of DC Creator. There are 2 main changes first is that it now support the 2 new screen positions that DC now uses and secondly the preview images look nicer.

Phew! Now I can go to bed. :)

news iconWednesday 1st May, 2002

Happy first of the month to you all....and what a great start to the month it is. You know that "2 do list" I was going on about? No? Well don't worry, no one else reads the news section either. :) Well anyway, I can cross one thing off as I have now finished the first public release of "Desktop Calendar".

- Applaud now please -

"What the hell is that" I hear you cry, well....

As the name suggests, this is a calendar that sits on your desktop. It's different from most calendar programs as it doesn't clutter up your taskbar or system tray. You can enter important dates like dentist appointments, birthdays or deadlines. Then when you turn your computer on, or that day rolls over you will be alerted of any events. Desktop Calendar also handles your computer's wallpaper, displaying a different picture each month. Or if you prefer you can turn this feature off and use your own wallpaper. The program comes with a default Wallpaper Pack but more can be download, or you can make your own.

I can't really explain it all that well, the best thing to do is look at the screenshots or even better try it out for yourself!!!!

news iconSunday 7th April, 2002

Just finished version 0.4b of Timed Shutdown. Here are the changes:

  • New "Countdown" trigger. Works very similar to the "Time" trigger only it saves you having to work out what time it will be in 90 minutes say. You can choose to enter the delay in seconds, minutes, hours or in the hh:mm:ss format (e.g.. 04 hours, 26 minutes and 37 seconds)
  • You are now only allowed to enter numbers into the Time settings boxes. This helps stop typo's when entering a time
  • Added the option to not only Shutdown but to also Restart or Log-Off
  • Option to use Final Countdown has been moved to the advanced section for safety reasons
  • You now have the choice to use Force or not. This was automatically used before and it's recommended that you keep it selected. For more information see the README file or the FAQ
  • The Final Countdown is now "Always on Top" which means it can't get hided behind other windows
  • Sorted out the Tap Stops and made it so you can easily jump between the triggers by using ALT + the underlined letter in the trigger name

The screenshots and FAQ have been updated accordingly.

news iconWednesday 3rd April, 2002

There is a long over due update of Wallpaper Changer, here are the changes:

  • Ability to select a folder to display wallpapers from instead of using a file
  • Now supports the use of jpg's and gif's as well as bmp's
  • I've now built List Maker into the main program
  • Can now load in and edit files
  • You can now set the desktop icons backgrounds to transparent
  • Choose the display mode you want e.g.. Stretch, Center, Tile or AUTO
  • When in Random Mode the same image can't be displayed twice in a row
  • The program has been almost completely remade!!!

news iconSunday 10th March, 2002

Timed Shutdown 0.3b is released:

  • Now works on Windows 2000 as well as 9x
  • New Trigger: Shutdown when your CPU usage goes below a certain % for a number of seconds
  • New Trigger: Shutdown when connection to the internet is lost
  • Tided up the countdown code
  • Made it so it's now easier to enter time (it automatically goes onto the next box)
  • Removed the need for "Shutdown.exe". You can now shutdown without a trigger by using the "-s" switch in the command line.

    e.g. "F:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\T_Shutdown.exe" -s

    This is used to stop people from just running "Shutdown.exe" to see what it does and losing any unsaved data. The count down window is also used now.
  • New installer